9 de febrero de 2012

More suggestions for Valentine´s: Cards and Jewelry

San Valentín se acerca y aquí proponemos dos formas de decir te quiero: Tarjetas originales y qué mejor que decirlo con joyas?
Aquí os dejamos una pequeña selección de Etsy :)
Valentine´s Day is getting closer and here we leave some more ways of saying I love you with funny cards that will surprised ur loved ones and with jewels....(of course)
Here´s a little selection from Etsy :)

Love neclace by Fabulouswire on Etsy 12,39€

 sail the 7 seas steampunk Elgin pocket watch movement necklace by junesnight 59 €
Cute Ring in heart and key shape by ParadiseFindings 16,99 € on Etsy
Cute feather ring by SilverJewelryShop on Etsy 13,13 €
Skull ring  by SilverJewelryShop on Etsy 13,13 €
Dachshund ring by SilverJewelryShop on Etsy 13,13 €

Antique silver necklace with butterfly and vintage glass jewel by junesnight  52,92 € on Etsy


I'd like to introduce you guys to a the cute and funny Valentine sold by VixensEmpire, you can find them on Etsy for 2,72€ each.

I think this last one from is really cute too:

These ones made me laugh:

2,35 € from ohgeezdesign (

3,52 € NeatThings

I really apreciate this:

aaaaaaw everybody wants to hear this:
3,32 € RowHouse14

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