4 de febrero de 2012

The ultimate diva: Lana del Rey

I would like to introduce you to my latest musical obsession (not like you are not going to know her, she's gone from 0 to huge in barely 6 months): the beautiful and intriguing Lana del Rey.

It is not only her beauty, her very very special voice, or her sassy, clever lyrics...she also has that "something" that reminds you of Rita Hayworth, of Lauren Bacall  and Katherine Hepburn. It might be the look in her eyes, the hair and styling, the overall style and tone of her music, or simply some clever producer's marketing (the same producer who advised her to go from Lizzie Grant to Lana del Rey), but whatever it is, we are all over it.

Can't help but to love her, and although everyone is talking about wether she is or not a fake, I personally do not care much, even if she is just a creation of the industry, an illussion targeting naive consumers...I am LOVING it.

- Saturday

We'd like to describe her as one of the few artists (on the radio) today whose lyrics are worth listening to. We´ll leave two of her videos here so you can see it hear it for yourselves. Enjoy.


3 comentarios:

  1. she's really very beautiful...
    wonderful pictures.
    ciao my dear friends!

  2. We're glad you like it girls! She really has a very inspirational look and allure! :)