9 de marzo de 2012


Hola a todos! Hoy quería hablaros sobre la nueva colección que sacará próximamente una amiga mía de Yakarta. Empezó su empresa en 2010 como un proyecto en la carrera de diseño de moda, y ha sido todo un éxito!! Dos años después siguen trabajando para sacar adelante colecciones tan fantásticas como ésta:

Hey Everybody! Today I wanted to tell u about the new collection a friend from Yakarta ha will  launch in few time. She started her business like a project from university (she studies fashion design) and she´s already a huge success! Two years later they keep on working to come out with fantastic collections like this:

Argyle & Oxford was born from a simple mind of two friends in college. Started as an assignment while they studying in LaSalle college Jakarta, and then when they graduated and got nothing to do they decided to take parts in LaSalle college's "Public announcement" show in Jakarta fashion week 2010. After that the brand grows quick and started to gain attention. At that time these two friends started to think to make it as a real deal.

Finally, here we are "Argyle & Oxford". The name came from pattern Argyle and pattern of Oxford/brogues shoes. Argyle and Oxford also known as Argy the deer and Oxy the sheep, they were best friends since they're in their mother's womb. They both love cute, detailed and colorful things. They make clothes and accessories to cheer up your day.

Dedicated to girls who just want to have fun

This is her self presentation. They make very special clothes with a cute but unsual style :)

Un poco de su colección: Adolescence with a twist

We hope u liked it!!!!

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