2 de abril de 2012


Hi everybody,
Today I want to tell you about the ethnic prints used in a lot of runways for this spring-summer collection. I have to say it´s for both men and women and it´s not a whole look trend, it only inspires the outfits, prints or accessories, giving a vintage-hippie look.

Hola a todos,

Hoy me gustaría charlar acerca de los estampados étnicos utilizados en muchas pasarelas para la colección primavera-verano 2012. He de decir que es una tendencia tanto para hombres como para mujeres e inspira sutilmente los outfits, estampados o accesorios dando un look hippie-vintage.

Ethnic print

Men’s tribal / ethnic fashion
Guys have tribal / ethnic fashion dead easy this season. For them it’s mainly about two elements, prints and weaves, interpreted in a number of ways.

Top tips to follow the trend:

  • The easiest way to wear the look is as a print
  • It’s a casual look that works best with a bit of volume in a 60s / 70s way
  • If you’re looking to make a statement, look for patterned shorts.
  • If you’re looking for something less bold, look for a small patch / pattered detail on a plain
  • item

    Moda étnica para hombres

    Los hombres lo tienen muy fácil esta temporada, la moda étnica para ellos se basa en los estampados y prints sus diversas formas y variaciones.
    Aztec print shirt from River Island
    46,15 €

    Navajo shoes from YMC
    98,89 €

    Reclaimed Vintage Navajo t-shirt
    35,60 €
    Women’s ethnic / tribal fashion
    For women the ethnic / tribal fashion theme was used by a larger number of designers this season, but the trend remains  on prints and weaves applied across typical summer pieces. The idea is to soften and relax urban fashion, giving a relaxed summer aesthetic, but with bright and powerful colours.

    Top tips to follow the trend:

    Women’s options are far broader then men’s, but still the easiest way to wear the look is as a print
  • Bold patterns are the dominant element, the fit should be about works for your body and your style
  • While ethnic / tribal prints are the easiest thing to get your hands on, don’t be afraid to look for less obvious details, as accessories.

  • Moda étnica para mujeres
    Para las mujeres, esta tendencia fue utilizada en muchas mas pasarelas y por muchos más diseñadores esta temporada. La idea es suavizar la moda urbana, relajándola y haciéndola más casual con esta estética veraniega, pero utilizando colores potentes y vibrantes.

    Navajo print dress from ASOS 35,90€

    River Island leggings 21'57€

    Peruvian cardigan by ASOS 47,47 €

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