3 de mayo de 2012

Summer-Spring weddings & celebrations

Summer & Spring are quite hectic when it comes to celebrations: weddings, graduations, here we also have 1st communions...and we're all supposed to be fabulous (and dress differently!) for each and one of these occasions. But the economy is nowhere near boyant, so we have tried to summarize some ideas in this post, in order to make it easier (and less expensive!!) to look great for those special celebrations this spring.

Como sabéis, la primavera y el verano están llenos de celebraciones y compromisos: bodas, graduaciones, primeras comuniones...y se espera que estemos fabulosas y perfectas en cada una de ellas. Sin embargo, la economía (especialmente la nuestra) está lejos de estar en auge (no está el horno para bollos), así que hemos decidido intentar recoger algunas ideas en este post para estar tan estupendas como siempre (pero por menos dinero!!) para las ocasiones especiales que tengamos este año.


When it comes to the dress keep it simple. If you buy something with lots of detail this is going to bring the prices up. Considder a simpler dress in a nice but cheaper fabric such as chiffon. Love has some great and affordable options with amazing and flattering cuts & colours, for LOVE dresses check here


 Other great options to shop from, if you want something economic but don't want to appear at the wedding and find your cousin and 3 other guests wearing the same dress as you because you got it from Zara, are online shops such as ASOS or even Topshop for us who don't live in the uk.


If you are going to spend more money, make sure it is on something you will wear again. You will be able to do so by buying a simpler dress like the ones above, that you can complete with great accessories to make it more special. Another option is to buy a more expensive dress that is a staple, a LBD or a LWD could do the trick (not the lWD for a wedding of course!), since you could use them afterwards for work meetings, reunions, or a fancy dinner with friends or your lover.


Even though this is a common practice in many countries, this idea is starting to penetrate in countries like Spain, where it is starting to be more and more popular. In Bilbao, you can find stores such as our friends from Chez Elle, where you will be able to rent out great outfits and accessories for your events.


Accessories are a great and unexpensive way to make your look special. With a simple dress but statment accessories you can really stand out for your originality and good taste. A very good option for these kinds of events are headpieces, and we personally love floral hair wreaths and hair pins, for their lovely whimsical / spring effect.
We would like to recommend three Etsy stores that make the most beautiful handmade hair pieces:


This is in fact a part of my graduation outfit, I will show you pictures 
of that day and the outfit of course in a couple weeks!! :)

Another good option would be COLOUR BLOCKING, using shiny colours to add contrast to your dress/ outfit and give your look a special touch. I (Saturday) personally love how neons such a yellow, turquoise or coral can do this trick for you. Not only are neons huge this season, but they will allways be a useful tool in your wardrobe in order to amp up any look. Be it autumn, winter, summer or spring, a touch of colour can make the difference both for a casual or for a more dressed up look.

H & M

A great thing about buying a cheaper dress and statement accessories, is that you can use all of those elements for other occassions, and even combine and mix them to make new looks for summer-spring events. No one will notice you wore the same dress twice, because the accessories are the protagonists in these looks. 

5. DO IT YOURSELF / Wedding DIY.

When it comes to accessories, many can be made by oneself with little effort and a bit of patience. There are tons of blog posts and tutorials on the subject, and in fact we will be posting a very interesting DIY for jewellery in the following weeks. 
Save money on the hairdresser and make up, DIY. There are also tons of youtube tutorials on how to make some great hairdo's that will make your look very very special. You can check our first tutorial we posted some weeks ago here. Practice beforehand and try some of these hairdo's, then you are ready to choose one and wear fabulous hair to your event.
Another idea is to rework some dresses/pieces you wore previously. With a little bit of imagination and patience great things can be done. You can add appliques, beads, lace...change the front, sleeves, cut a long dress into a short one...even dye it if you are careful (depending on fabric!).

Hope you find these ideas useful and you have a great time on this season's celebrations!!

Much love,

The Weekenders

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