31 de enero de 2013


Hi everybody! 
I know it's still January, almost February but I can´t stop thinking of spring and be free,travel,go on holidays and rest. I've been searching for new exciting garments and accesories that inspire my's my pick!

Handmade feather necklace by LovMely 41,97 € available in Etsy.

Geometric Raw Brass necklaces by LovMely 9,16€ available in Etsy

Chain headpiece by LovMely 30,52 € available in Etsy

Nature Fine Art Photography, Spring magnolia blooms by
Jennifer DiGuglielmo 21,36€ available in Etsy

Japanese KOKKA Soft and Thin Cotton Fabric-Gorgeous Spring Orange Garden by stefaniexu available in Etsy

Spring White Boot Socks with lace knit trim and buttons - lace socks by Sarah Grasman 18,31€ available in Etsy

Made to Order Romantic Hippie Summer Layering Crochet Lace Dress Top Vest Vintage Doily Reconstructed Upcycled OOAK Festival Wear by Dawn Kennedy-Welch 48,83€ on Etsy

blue HIPPIE summer BAREFOOT SANDALS by Gabriela Pomplova 57,99€ on Etsy

Ah...can´t think of anything else but marine breeze, flowers blooming...fresh air...sun.... :)

lots of love,


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