3 de diciembre de 2011

Saturday's wishlist and gift ideas

Knowing how hard it is to find that perfect present, I am leaving you some ideas of presents for girls/women. In my opinion, all of these items make great presents, so have a look, you may want to give these presents or ask for them!  I have made the quality-style-price relation a quite important criteria for this selection, because given the times, may of us are being careful with our spending. Here is the prove that chic does not equal expensive.
Here's my suggestions, hope you like them!!

  Black velvet pinstud body from topshop, 38 £ (If it ever gets back in stock).
It is sexy, elegant, then sexy again. LOVE.

NFD ally T in dark green, 39 £. The ultimate throwover, in a lovely colour.
Comfy yet stylish, a great solution for those lazy days when you still need to look good
(even if you can't be bothered) or for a chill day with friends.

These black storets bandage leggings , 45 USD. 
Comfy yet sexy and cool again...great with a grey or black jumper for these chilly days.

Back military style jacket The Siren Boutique, Asos marketplace, 32€. 
Great price for a lovely item. Excellent design-price relation, wich makes it a great gift.

  love ring by Etsy seller PorterGulch for 60 USD. 
Handmade jewellery, this is cute and very very special. 
Whoever you give this to will feel that way too.
Makes the perfect present for a girlfriend / mother / sister.

This romwe neon blue long jumper is 41,99 USD. 
I guess I like giving knits, scarves, gloves as presents...because they say I LOVE YOU and I want to keep you warm in these cold winter days. This one has a great colour too, that will make your gift stand out and not be "just another plain jumper" or "another typical christmas gift".

 Another great idea for a gift could be these Personalized bracelets,
by Etsy seller charlieandmarcelle. It is an original piece of jewelry that expresses your love
in a non tacky-non cheesy way. Adorable. 25 USD

 This beautiful acorn necklace is made and sold on Etsy by Eternal Eden. 
It costs 30 USD and makes the perfect winter-fall accesory.

Chalkboard calendar from HouseHoldWords for 54 USD.
Get your loved ones ready and organised for the next year, with this huge wall calendar that can be used over and over again, all you need is a piece of chalk. (It looks great on your wall too). In my case, if i don't get one as a present, I will definately be buying this to help me become a more organised person (sounds like a new year's resolution to me too...)

 Lightbull moss terrarium by eGarden Studio, at Etsy, for 48 USD. This Christmas, 
put some green in people's lives.These beautiful lightbulbs will give you the illusion 
of having a tiny garden,even if your apartment is as small as mine. 
They come ready to hang, hassle and drama free.
 Asos neon blue laptop case for 20€. 
This is another thing I will probably end up buying for myself, basically because I need one. 
The price is quite convenient too, and it may be used as an oversized clutch, i just love it.

Asos handbag, 47 €. 
Faux-crocodile, faux-sheep skin...still, it looks great. 
It is original and perfect for the AW season...well done Asos! 

 Aaand for the jokesters, I will give you this idea:
a lovely pyrite necklace for 29 USD by Etsy store CreationsbyJuliann.
 You can tell your girl you are giving her a lump of Christmas Coal for being naughty. 
Will definately make her girl smile.

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  1. Thank's! I'm glad you like it! Nice looking blog btw... :)

  2. Me quedo con el blazer de tipo militar, el bolso estilo Alexa de Mulberry con borrego y el anillo de Love :D

    Besos desde

  3. Me ha gustado mucho tu selección. Desde la perspectiva de una mujer de "sin-cuentaytantos" años, la pizarra está absolutamente genial,el anillo de Love es absolutamente encantador y el body de terciopelo negro.....quien tuviera veintitantos!!!!!Besos!