8 de enero de 2012

Sunday´s Shopping Spree

I´m actually not a big sales fan and usually avoid going to stores at this time, but my mother talked me into it and I some clothes had already caught my eye, so why not? It was even more dreadful than expected, but I´m quite proud of my findings. 

No soy muy fan de salir de compras en rebajas, pero mi madre me convenció y además tenía ropa ya fichada, así que por qué no? Fue mas horrible de lo que recordaba, pero al final estoy contenta con el resultado de mis adquisiciones.

I´m showing you my presents also, because I didn´t do a post on that!!
Os voy a enseñar también mis regalos de Navidad ya que no hice un post sobre eso!!

Christmas gifts:
Regalos navideños:

 Zara Black boots

 Zara studded gloves

 Bimba y Lola golden necklace

Bimba y lola bug ring & bracelet set

Zara soft hoodie 

Zara lam leather biker jacket 

Sales findings:
Descubrimientos rebajiles:

 Mango boots

 Zara grey boots (same as the black ones, they were really comfy)

 Bimba&Lola stone necklace

 Zara blue blazer
(I love the velvet details on the pockets and the elbow)

Zara silverish blazer
I´m in love with this one, I just haven´t figured out how to wear it yet! But one thing is for sure, I love the combination of it with my new boots. Lovely!

Did you like it? What did you buy?
Os han gustado? Qué os habéis comprado vosotras?

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  1. Hello you all!

    Was looking around for some blogs in Bilbao and found yours!
    Really nice outfits you've got and the christmas gifts looks nice, many of them I have tried on myself! Im from Sweden but are living in Bilbao at the moment, its a great city but I still have much to explore.

    Take care