3 de julio de 2012

Insupportable mais indispensable....!

Hey! how are you all? I was listening to some music (concretely Skrillex-Bangarang....thank god for people who make this music...) and thought of posting some pictures Satuday took for me the other day :)

We found this dodgy-grunge-industrial spot and lived it...and decided it was such a cool place to take some pictures so here there are!

I'll bore you a bit with my personal life...I just finished exams and I'm making a Jersey Shore-life wich means: beach,gym, and basically that's all, quite relaxing, you should try it! 

oi! that´s just not very nice of you.....!

I just don´t know how to smile in pictures :(

yes I know....KING KONG arms.... but stil indispensable

Some weeks ago Sat and I tried californian highlights....they didn´t actually work...because I made the fatal error of bleaching the hair...and two days later going to the now it's all lighter and u can´t distinguish the highlights from the rest...CRAP! so...advice: don´t do the same!

this is why californian highlights don´t work in summer

bye bye everyone!!! have a nice weeeek!!!

H&M yellow clutch
Bershka zebra scarf
Spitafields Old Market biker jacket
Primark black jeans
Jennyfer T-Shirt
KIKO orange nail polish



2 comentarios:

  1. El clutch es monísimo, guapa!


  2. Great jacket. Love the box clutch too! xA